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About The PWB

Since 2008, The Pat Watters Band has blazed a trail through the upper Midwest to develop and amplify a new voice in country music. A voice that reflects and represents the Wisconsin lifestyle.

Along the way, we've headlined fairs, festivals, and local taverns. We've opened for some of our heroes. We've played shows that sold out, and shows that barely sold. But mile by mile, stage by stage, and crowd by crowd... we've found "our people."

And they've found us.

Together, we take up the flag and march forward. And the Wisconsin country music mission continues.

So tonight, 700 miles from the influence of Music Row, on a festival stage or in the corner of your favorite small town tavern, the trademark twang and authenticity that country music was built on is alive and well. And as long as there's a PWB, it will continue to be.


  • 2020 Midwest CMA Band of the Year Nominee 
  • 2015 WAMI Country Artist of the Year
  • 9-Time WAMI People's Choice Award Winners
  • Maintained a reputation as all-around good guys who don't take themselves too seriously